Computer Lab

We have been given time to visit the computer lab on Tuesday and Friday between recess and lunch. Today was our first visit. We logged into our student portal to get on to G-Suite Apps for Education. Then, we learned to use Slides (kind of like PowerPoint) to prepare a presentation with a slide for each word on our spelling list with a sentence and illustration. Then, we shared them with Ms Salmon, who has been commenting on them for us to see and edit our work next visit. Here’s an example of one student’s work from today.

3D Shapes

What do you know about 3D shapes?

Do you know the difference between…

  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional?
  • Prisms and pyramids?
  • Faces, edges, and vertices?

How about how to draw diagrams of them?


Be inspired – What do you see in the following artwork in terms of shape, line and colour? Where do the shadows fall, and why? (TIP: think about the direction of the light source). Then, it’s your turn to try!

Thanks volunteers!

Many parents and carers, staff and even students were at Bunnings in Narellan today working on our schools fundraiser sausage sizzle. Thank you so much to those who were able to support this great opportunity for our school!

A few flag designs

We Are Australia

  • What does it mean to be Australian?
  • Choose one of the following Australian icons or items, and discuss:
    1. What is the item and how does it represent Australian?
    2. Who does it represent?
    3. Who isn’t represented, and why aren’t they represented?
    4. Is it a true representation of Australians?
  • Design your own Australian flag encompassing your beliefs of what it means to be an Australian. Consider things such as the existing historical flag of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands, and other iconic images unique to Australia.


I am Australian (video+lyrics)

Advance Australia Fair

I love a Sunburnt Country

Collection of Artworks – Tom Roberts


Police-Dog in Training

Today, Jessica’s dad bought in Jaguar to visit. He is training Jaguar to be a police dog. He’s a German Shepard. It’s good for him to be around people so that when he’s out on the job, he won’t get distracted.

Place Value Games

Click one of the images below to link to the game.


Today, students received their first homework for the year. They have 2 pages to go in their homework books, with instructions.

The double-sided page includes a spelling list, and a list of basic number facts which should be practiced each night through “look, cover, say, write, check” in their homework book. It also contains a choice of two word problems to solve using the mathematical problem solving sheet. I encourage flexible thinking, and using more than one method to prove the answer. This problem will particularly support students preparing for NAPLAN this year. The remainder of the sheet has 4 short activities relating to the previous weeks learning, or current events. Students can tick a box for each day they have read something at home.

The single sided page is full of optional activities. Students may choose to complete one or two activities from this enrichment activities grid each and write about it in their homework book. This page is intended to last for the whole term. Students seeking additional work are encouraged to complete online activities such as ‘Mathletics’ which provide instant feedback and can adjust the difficulty to an appropriate level of challenge. I will share activities and games on this blog as I discover them that may be of interest or benefit.

Please ‘have a go’, and if you have any questions or difficulties, please leave a comment here or come and see me.

UPDATE: I’ve added a page to the top menu bar with this information, and have uploaded the homework pages so far.

Internet Safety Day


  1. Watch the video
  2. Discuss safety online
  3. Create a (fake!) social media profile. If the class can work out who it belongs to, you might have put too many identifying details.

Big Numbers – Place Value